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Our Story

Do you still eat ginseng that contains pesticides?

Most ginseng sold commercially uses pesticides, making the leaves and stems inedible. Now, the combination of smart farm technology and ginseng has opened the way to cultivating ginseng without pesticides.

Certified by Rural Development Administration. Ginseng grown using the ‘clean ginseng and ginseng leaf production method using hydroponic cultivation technology’ does not use pesticides and can be eaten whole, including the ‘leaves’ where ginsenosides are directly produced.

What Our Customers Say

After taking 2 tablets for 2 weeks, the rhinitis disappeared. I want to try distributing to Hong Kong.
Mega Youtuber in Hongkong
It's a very groundbreaking product. The agricultural and food industry must move in this direction.
Researcher of Rural Development Administration
Park Jin-woo
I feel strong after eating just one!
Mayor of Seoul City
Oh Se-hoon
Panax Ginseng


The environment surrounding ginseng is changing rapidly.

Due to the climate crisis, it is difficult to maintain the growth temperature of ginseng (18~23℃).

Additionally, ginseng leaves are inedible due to the use of pesticides.

Ginseng can be called the grandfather of ‘health functional foods’.

Now is the time for ginseng to change.


We create products that match our words and actions.


We push the details to the limit.


We constantly improve our processes.


Panax Ginseng Sprouts

Panax Ginseng Sprouts refers to young sprouted ginseng. It is cultivated using the “Clean ginseng and ginseng leaf production method using hydroponic cultivation technology” developed by the Rural Development Administration in 2008, and no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. In addition, the content of ginsenoside, an active ingredient, is maximized by growing ginseng in smart cubes optimized for growth.

동영상 재생
Our Story

We aim to lead a healthy life through plants. It can be said that true health requires not only physical health but also mental health. We want to create a virtuous cycle in which people with healthy bodies and minds can contribute to society through active activities. To this end, we aim to produce reliable products using various medicinal plants. At the same time, I hope that the value of agriculture, which is the foundation of our society and future industry, will be widely known.

Hongik Herbs promotes itself as a 21st century Herbal Store with the core keywords ‘plants’ and ‘health’. The goal is to make ‘Better Humanity by Plants.’
Kim Hawon
Founder, Owner